Scouts Canada Sailing Program

Thanks for your interest in Scouts Canada’s Sailing Skill pathway. We’re excited to provide Scouting youth with the opportunity to try something new and safely test themselves with an activity that matches a youth’s level of skills.

Here’s the Scouting Sailing Program page on our website.

  • Scouts Canada changed several Standards and sailing is now one of the adventures Beavers can look forward to in Cubs and older sections.
    No prerequisite for either course.

    Sailing Skills 1 provides an introduction to sailing.

    Sailing Skills 2 is a much more extensive course focusing on the growing participant knowledge and independence through eight hours of sailing.
  • Note: we may combine your group with others to ensure all interested youth can participate.
    You can select more than one.

    Note: Sailing Skills 2 courses are both days on one weekend.
    Per Scouts Canada Standards, prior to participating in sailing, our Group Commissioner will have approved our participation following a review of risk management plans.
    Per Scouts Canada Safety Equipment Standard, all participating youth shall wear a bicycle, rock climbing, snowboarding, sailing or other appropriate helmet.
  • Anything else? (specific date requests? Details about your group we should know?)

    We look forward to getting your groups youth out sailing!